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Make money online with fresh content.
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If you are doing almost anything online today, then you need content.

Whether you are an:

AdSense Marketer creating websites to make money from advertising

Affiliate Marketer creating review websites

Email Marketer writing ezines

Listbuilder creating giveaway reports to increase your list size

Search Engine Expert submitting articles to create incoming links

…then you MUST have a lot of content…and preferably as much relevant content as possible…

Whether you are building websites, selling products
or an SEO guru, you need content in order to survive
on the web today.

The problem is, that good quality content either
costs time or money.

Time, as in you have to research and write it yourself…

Or money, in that you need to pay someone else to
write it.

Go and make money online creating good fresh content for business and marketing.

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Success In Affiliate Marketing for Newbies Depends On Proper Research

Make money online

Success In Affiliate Marketing for Newbies Depends On Proper Research

Tech Geeks are not the ones doing Internet marketing.
Affiliate marketing for newbies are people finding success

No matter what you might have read it is not going to be
easy. However if you know what you’re doing it is simple.

When looking into getting started with affiliate marketing
these are some of the things you’ll need to be aware of.

Has the company you’re looking to promote been in business
very long? The longer they’ve been in business the more
likely that they are stable and profitable. You definitely
want to be a little suspect of an affiliate business or
program that is really new.

It is to your advantage to keep tabs on affiliate programs
for a while to see how they’re doing. It’s kind of like
shopping for someone to invest your savings with. Take a
look at their track record before investing money and time
in them.

Look at how much traffic they’re getting. The sites with
the most traffic generally are the most profitable and
popular. The opposite is usually true of those not doing
well. You can get more details of the site at the
traffic rank.

Since you’re probably looking at this venture for income
purposes any good affiliate marketing for newbies should
offer a good commission structure. Find out if the program
offers a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per sale.

You’ll also want to see if the commission payment is
recurring or if it’s a one tier or multi tier program. The
most profitable programs offer a revenue share income.

A 2-tier affiliate program allows the affiliate marketer to
earn money on the sales of people they recruit as well as
their own sales.

Some affiliate programs require a minimum commission be
reached before they will send a check. This is not unusual
and is fair especially if your check would only be for a
small amount. But this is information you would want to
find out about in advance.

If you can find out who else is promoting the affiliate
program this could be another piece of helpful information
to know about in advance. It may take a little time but
visit the websites of your competition and see who they are

For example, if a super affiliate is promoting a program
you are looking at then it is probably a good one. It
probably means that it has proven itself as a profitable
program for them to continue to pursue.

About the Author:

Suzanne Morrison is on the staff of the Affiliate Power
Group where they help people learn affiliate marketing.
Check out their free affiliate marketing course if you need
help making money as an affiliate marketer.

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3 Free Ways to Make Extra Cash from Home for the Holidays

Make money and extra cash

The holidays are fast approaching and with it, come additional expenses from
travel, gifts and decorating. For many families who are already barely getting
by, the holidays are a time of financial stress; however, they can offset the
expenses of the holidays by earning extra income on the side. Here are three
ways you make money without incurring upfront expenses.

1. Sell Your Unused/Unwanted Items on eBay or Amazon – Frugal families are
visiting eBay and Amazon to do their holiday shopping, so now is a great time
to get rid of stuff you don’t want that could be of value to others. eBay is
great for clothing, toys, electronics, household items and novelty gifts. To
get the most from your eBay sales, take great photos and write descriptions
that accurately describe the item. Amazon is perfect for selling books and
DVDs and is easy because you don’t have to take pictures. Simply enter the
item’s name, write a description of its condition, pick a price and list. eBay
and Amazon are not free, but you don’t have to pay anything until your item
sells and the fees are reasonable. In terms of how quickly you can make money,
eBay and Amazon lead the pack.

2. Provide a service – The holidays involve a lot of extra work for families
and businesses, which means many opportunities to make some extra cash. Ideas
include babysitting while families shop or while the kids are on break but
the parents have to work, home or business decorating and tree trimming, handyman
or cleaning services, photography, baking and addressing cards.

3. Get a seasonal job – Many businesses pick up during the holidays and need
additional help. For example, many mail order businesses hire extra customer
service reps during the holidays. Other types of help include virtual support
to manage inventory or customer contacts or subs to fill in while other workers
are a way. Use sites such as CareerBuilder and Craigslist to find seasonal
work that can be done at home.

The trick to making extra money during the holidays is to know what you can
offer and be proactive in offering it.
Work-at-home opportunities don’t show
up on your doorstep. You need to create the opportunities yourself. And with
the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to get started.

Leslie Truex is the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and Jobs Online:
How to Find and Get Hired to a Work-At-Home Job. She has been telecommuting
and running home businesses for over 15 years and helping others to work at
home since 1998. Get free work-at-home jobs , resources and a newsletter at

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