Best PTC Sites to Make Money Online

Best PTC Sites to Make Money Online

Best PTC Sites to Make Money Online

Author: Adam Sawyer

There are an umpteen number of PTC sites available on the world wide web which let you make money online simply for viewing advertisements placed for a fee by other users who want their ads to get a lot of publicity. Each of these best PTC sites have a timer and you have to view each advertisement for about 30 seconds or as stipulated before you click the link to the next advertisement. Although these paid to click sites let you earn just a cent per click, it is possible to earn quite a sum over several days; read on to learn more.

These PTC sites will even pay you for every click that is made by each member that you have referred to these best PTC sites. So if you have a hundred referrals clicking 10 ads per day and you get paid $0.01 for each of your referral’s clicks, you could easily have $10.10 per day. At the end of a month it could well be $303. Some of the paying PTC sites offer you half a cent for every click of a referral but then their ad prices are also comparatively lower so you will find that more people advertise with them and therefore you will have more ads to click as compared to other bux sites which let you earn bucks.

Some of these PTC sites even have offers like “paid to sign up” so they might credit 10 cents to your account just for joining their program. When selecting one of the best PTC sites make sure you take a look at their website and see if you can find a link to a user forum. If there is one, register there and talk to the other users and read about what is going on. This is better than feeling let down later.

The key is to increase your earnings by having more referrals. Most of these PTC sites even sell you referrals in various packages ranging from five in number to as many as five hundred. Most often they charge something like a dollar per referral and you can make a lot of earnings provided there are enough ads for everyone to click on and that your referrals are for real and clicking the ads regularly. Also, the best PTC sites should have a good and honest admin.

Like I mentioned earlier it would help to check out the forums or just google for more information on the PTC site that you have selected to avoid disappointment later. Also, you can go to whois dot com and check out when the site was created and who the owner of the domain of the site is. If it has been around for a while and people have been receiving payouts, it should be fine; if it is new, wait a while before you start work.

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PTC sites have allowed a lot of people to make money online; check out the list of best PTC sites available right here!

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