Can You Still Make Money Selling Ebooks?

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Can You Still Make Money Selling Ebooks?

By: Helen Wilkie

Is it still possible to make money selling ebooks? It’s a good question, and one that seems to come up for discussion more and more on internet marketing forums and blogs.

If you’ve been in the internet marketing field for some time, you may have noticed the evolution of information products that are selling online. Just a few years ago people could easily make money selling ebooks, largely because they were pretty much the only game in town. It was a novelty for people to be able to plug in their credit card number, download from a link and have their ebook in their hands in just a few minutes.

But then two things began to change all that. First, ebooks were no longer a novelty. Everyone had the ability to read pdf files on their computers and ebooks were no longer the amazing product they had been.

Second, as technology evolved and became financially within the reach of more and more internet marketers, other information products became easier and cheaper to create, and then we started seeing audio, video, membership sites, courses and more, in both physical and downloadable form.

So back to my question: can you still make money selling ebooks?

You certainly can, and particularly if you are in a niche that has nothing to do with internet marketing. That’s getting a bit more difficult, but if you are into any one of the thousands of niches out there in other topics, ebooks are still very popular, very sellable and very profitable.

Just ask Adam Short. He’s been selling ebooks by the ton for years, in some little obscure niches you’d never think of, and continues to make money from these ebooks every day. It’s not about the form of your information product, but about how well you understand how to market it.

According to Adam Short, the best way to market these niche products is still through writing and publishing articles online — even though some people would have you believe that’s not working any more either. Adam Short proves them all wrong. But the important thing is that you create and follow an effective system for your article marketing campaign. If you do that, you can set up a stream of traffic that is self-sustaining and will give you steady income from those ebooks for many years to come.

No, the ebook is not dead. And yes, based on my own experience, you certainly can still make money selling ebooks.

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