Crucial 6 Steps To Make Money Online Fast

Make money online

Crucial 6 Steps To Make Money Online Fast

By: Dwayne Phelps

Everybody wants to make money online fast. We live in a get rich quick society filled with people who expect exactly that. But if that’s the case then why do only 3 to 5% actually become financially independent?
It’s because nobody takes the time to establish exactly what they want…Seriously, what have you done to stir up a desire in you to attain your goals. If you don’t put them down in detail your never going to create desire to achieve them. I can remember when I was a “green pea” in my online business. All I wanted was to make money online fast! Had no clue the amount I wanted, what I was going to do with it, how I was going to earn it and when I wanted to earn it by… Till I met a friend, who was around my same age that was making 80k plus every month. I had to ask him his secret.I thought he was going to tell me some secret marketing method or cutting edge strategy… He told me I needed to put everything I wanted in complete detail on paper so they would stir up desire in me to complete them….that’s it! He said if I didn’t do that then I would never make it, because it all starts with creating that desire in you to succeed. I relate it to looking for treasure without having a treasure map…you’ ll never get there!
You must also understand that wishing for something will not bring it to you. You must DESIRE it into obsession. Then make a plan of how to make that money online with your business opportunity. Then just back that plan with persistence everyday! So I had no clue where to start, I thought wanting money would be enough.. I started to read different books on exactly what I needed to write down to stir a desire for success in myself. After many months of reading I started to see certain principles a lot. Here are the 6 Principles I read to creating desire (in this case it would be to make money online fast)… Fix your mind on exactly how much money you want to make, be very definite, 30,60,90,180 Days all the way to one year. Put done exactly what your willing to give up to have that money (There is no free lunch…EVER!) Once you know an amount you desire put down an exact date with it Create an exact business and marketing plan for carrying it out and begin immediately. Speed of implimentation is a must! Now take all those and put them into one mission statement…”I want this much by this time and Im going to give this up to get there with this plan of attack” It will then be your responsibility to read that statement aloud twice a day at minimum. I like to do it upon waking and going to bed… Only those people who become “money conscious” will ever accumulate anything worth mentioning in their online business. If you’ve never read positive thinking books this might seem a little weird to you but if you ask anybody that’s a millionare in anything, including making money online, they do exactly the same… So I challenge you to do this quick exercise with yourself, put away all the thinking that you have to learn how to market, or the newest thing online to get leads and customers so you can make money… Get these crucial steps done in your journey to make money online and next time we talk you’ll be in a completely different position in your life…

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Dwayne Phelps is a Internet Marketer who retired at 25 From his job. He has shown thousands of people how to make money online fast, by leveraging the use of systems. You Can Get A View Of The Systems He Uses Here:

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