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How to make money online , have fun and make your dreams come true

Make money on the web the final frontier!
Where to look for top money making ideas,make extra money?
Internet marketing and article marketing can make money fast for you and also you can make money blogging building a blog full of rich and valuable content on any topic from business,money,marketing,cars,to shopping,real estate,e-commerce,tourism.
But to earn money and not make fake money you must have a blog or website being keyword rich.

Make money easy

Follow the following advice from ezine articles found on their website.
Article Marketing Helpful Tips For Authors

TITLE KEYWORDS: Your title should be “Keyword Rich.” That means you only get but a fraction of a second to impress a potential reader and the better a reader can understand what your article will offer them based on the TITLE alone, the higher your chances of increasing distribution of your article and clicks to your website (if included in the resource box at the end of the article). The first 3 words of your title determine the success of the article…choose the first 3-4 words wisely.

So make money having a keyword rich blog, so easy or not?

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