How To Consistently Ensure You Make Money From Your Lists. Part 1

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How To Consistently Ensure You Make Money From Your Lists. Part 1

By: Aurelius Tjin

Email marketing is simply an art, nothing else. You have to learn the ropes. Unless you do that you are bound not to get results at all. There a various methods through which you can make lots of money through sending emails to your list. But today, we’ll be looking at how you can ALWAYS ensure that you profit from your email marketing campaigns.

The very first method, effective in email marketing, is getting your subscribers to be open to you. Recent estimates have shown that lots of internet marketers are guilty of not getting back to their customers. Your subscribers are the life wire of your business and should be treated as such. Marketers have been known to completely ignore clarification mails and mails asking for help in a particular aspect.

It is highly essential to note the kinds of questions you get consistently. That’s why email marketers who ignore their subscribers’ emails are losing a goldmine. Your subscribers’ questions are a goldmine and should be minded. I mean it would be really crazy if you were to be sitting atop a goldmine and still not tapping from it.

Using the question sent by your subscribers, compile them and answer them. You can then, create a report out of these questions. You can either decide to sell the report or give it away for free, but it places more value on your report if sold even if at a token. For instance, you could sell a 20-page report filled with valuable information and answers to your subscribers for just $9. Not just that, because your report meets a very vital need, there’s a lot of expectation and your subscribers hang on to every word. This avenue is a very good one to make some back-end sales. How? By becoming an affiliate of programs and products that could help your subscribers.

Assuming you are answering a question like “How can I get the best autoresponder in the market?” You could answer by simply stating the benefits of many that you know and their disadvantages. In this process, you could create a review of various autoresponders and recommend the best. In the link where you want your subscribers to click through, include an affiliate link masked by a simple phrase or word.

When they click through to the site, and buy, you make some more money. So, not only are you making front-end sales, you are also making back-end sales and profiting from it. The beautiful thing about this tactic is that not many people use it. Most are too lazy and as a result, lose a lot of money.

Using this tactic alone, can keep making you more money. So, someway somehow, you keep making money from your products and other people’s products. Always look for a way to solve your subscribers’ problems. If you have to do it that way, do it! Sometimes, you may know a very good resource that your subscriber needs, join them as an affiliate and send to your list. It will always put more money in your pocket.

Remember today’s lesson: Do not take your subscribers’ questions lightly.

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