How To Consistently Ensure You Make Money From Your Lists. Part 3

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How To Consistently Ensure You Make Money From Your Lists. Part 3.

By: Aurelius Tjin

It is easy to make lots of money from your subscribers. All you need do is think outside the box. Do not limit yourself to the daily garbage we all hear. Has it ever occurred to you why people like John Reese are consistently ahead of all of us? It’s because they are doing something we are not doing. What is that? They are not limited in their thinking. They are very creative and make lots of improvements and testing on their products.

In this edition of making money from your lists consistently, we’ll be looking at a new angle to making money from your list. You might have heard of the NO Lesson Today Method. If you have not, it is a simple concept. You simply send an email to your subscribers with the subject line going like “[FirstName], There will be No lesson today” That single tactic converts like crazy. The very first thing your subscribers will do is click through to find out what’s wrong. They’ll want to know if someone died or if you’re alright. This is exactly what you want them to do. In your email, you can state a reason why there is no lesson. It could be stuff like “Today, we are not having any lessons. Why? You ask. I want you to take the day off. Take a shower, relax, go some place do something else, anything. Just leave the PC, turn it off and go enjoy your day today. Seriously asking, “When was the last time you really had a good time?” etc. Then go ahead and mention why they should give themselves a break.

More often than not, it creates a warm feeling of bonding with you as a marketer and fosters your relationship. After telling them why they should go have fun, include a great product you think will do them a lot of good and ask them to check it out. Simple isn’t it?

The second version of the NO Lesson Today Method is using that opportunity to strictly market or sell your products or those you are recommending. In the email, after telling why there is no lesson, introduce the product or service you want to promote. This product has to be a highly converting product or service as during this time, their attention is so focused on what you have to say and they are really waiting to hear your explanation. Then you can go ahead to tell them about the product or service you are advertising. The reason you want to cash in on this method is because of the fact that you gave them an impression that something was probably wrong. On clicking through, they go from one mental state to the other –from anxiety and curiosity to relief and focused attention. This is where you want them to be; a mental state where they can absorb all you have to tell them and probably do something about it. This method is best used in conjunction with hypnotic words. The subscribers’ consciousness is so lax and the subconscious aware, that all they do is read and the subconscious mind accepts everything that is said and then compels the subscriber to go pick up the recommended product.

Note that using this tactic frequently will result in your subscribers thinking it is just a way to get them to click through. This is not the mental state you want them to be in. You want them to be open, not defensive.

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