How to Make Money and Make a Difference – Part 1 of 2

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How to Make Money and Make a Difference – Part 1 of 2

By: Andy Grant

Technology has truly changed our ability to earn income from home. Today, more and more home-based businesses are cropping up, giving people the ability to enjoy time freedom and more personal freedom.

But what if your goal is really to make a difference? Then what options are available?

Essentially, you have three choices. You can either find a business whose mission involves making a difference. Alternatively, you can find a business that’s easy to operate and frees up more of your personal time to contribute to worldly causes. Finally, you could create a new business that has a positive global impact. In this article, we’ll explore how to find a business where you can make money and make a difference.

Type “home based business” into any search engine, and you’re sure to find a staggering number of results. Unfortunately, many companies seem to spend a great deal of their efforts and marketing dollars in pointing out why their competition is a poor choice. Avoid these negative marketing tactics (would a company with a mission to make a difference really waste its resources negating the efforts of others?) and consider the following when evaluating business opportunities:

1 – The Mission or Purpose

What is the mission or purpose of the company you’re evaluating? Is it primarily about money, or about making a difference? Is it more focused on processes or on people? What kind of support is available to someone (like you) when they get started? What is the true goal of the business? Who is the company ultimately serving?

2 – The Product

Is the product something that you have a ton of questions about? (If so, you can expect that your potential leads and prospects would also have lots of questions – questions that you may be expected to answer.) Is the product something brand new (and untested) or is it something people already want, need and buy? What are the benefits of the product and what kind of people would it serve? What is the competition like? How big of a target market can you potentially reach?

3 – The Process

Is there anything about the process that feels shady or cumbersome to you (because your prospects will likely feel it, too)? Would you feel comfortable marketing or presenting the business or product in the same manner in which it was presented to you? What is the average success rate among associates? Is the process easy to understand and to follow? What resources will be available to you, and at what cost?

4 – Cost vs. Profit

With such a broad range of home-based businesses available to you, it is important to consider the start-up costs vs. the potential profit (and the timeline during which you can expect to begin earning). Remember, it is a viable possibility that you would need to borrow funds to start a legitimate home business. The lower the startup costs (in many cases), the lower your per-customer earnings, which means you’ll have to do a lot of marketing to grow your business. The higher your costs, the higher your potential earnings, so it’s important to weigh investment costs carefully. The main things to consider with regards to cost are: 1) how confident are you that you can be successful with this particular opportunity; 2) how aligned are you with the company’s product and mission; 3) how much will your monthly operating costs run; and 4) how quickly do you anticipate getting a return on your initial startup investment. If the business is truly a match and you know you can succeed and make a difference, you need only look and you will find the funds you require for startup.

Don’t despair – the opportunity of your dreams is out there waiting for you. Good luck with your new endeavor and congratulations on your decision to make a difference.

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