Is There An Easy Way To Make Money Online?

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Is There An Easy Way To Make Money Online?

By: Tony Antares

I was very new to internet marketing and the money making field when I started browsing many years ago. But now I know a few methods that can bring decent income online without being expert on anything.

The best thing behind my methods are you don’t need any money to start this. So why can’t you give it a try. Nothing to lose, but there are many things to gain.

My first ‘make money online’ method.

Google Adsense.

This is the most simple method that anyone can implement. But there are a few secrets. Though anybody can create an account with google adsense very easily, how to make good money with that?

Use the google adwords toolbar to find out a good paying keyword. Remember to make sure that it is not so competing.

Create a blog for free with wordpress with the keyword as title. (better than blogger).Visit ezine, hubs or any other article galleries to learn about the keyword and write a genuine article yourself about it and publish it on your blog.

Update your feeds to pings like pingomatic, autopinger and feedping don’t forget to include your feed url too.

Create a small press release about your website and circulate it through free news distribution websites like Free Press Release (also read the submission guidelines before you submit to these websites) your news will be come on top of Google news soon which will result in tons of traffic.

Use discussion boards and forums to talk about your website and create a few links (both on your signature and on your threads) Contact other members in order to get good advics and visits to your website.

Write a good article about your website and submit to good article websites like ezine, articlebas, goarticle etc with a link to your blog.

You’ve done the simple things to promote your website. Now wait and see the increasing number of clicks (and $$) per day.

Also don’t forget to add a few more posts on your blog whenever you feel to write something

Finding your legitimate online business is becoming one of the best ways to earn an extra income. Many people are turning to this popular alternative in order to bring in a paycheck and spend more time with their family. Can’t blame them! Could work at home be your career? An internet job isn’t as far fetched anymore. Companies post job offers all the time, that’s employment information that YOU need to know!

Just the basics of living have become so costly that many can’t even afford to buy a house in this day and age. Keeping the lights on, the phone on and food on table are starting to feel like luxuries with the income crunch.

Good Luck

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