Make Money From Art: Where To Sell Your Drawings Online

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Make Money From Art: Where To Sell Your Drawings Online

In the past, the only way people can make money from art is if they rent a stall in the mall where they can showcase their artworks, or display art for sale in exhibits and art shows. These methods require capital, and if you wish to sell your drawings even without shelling out cash, the best option is to sell them over the Web. Thanks to the Internet, artists: whether budding or experienced, can now draw and earn without having to pay exhibit fees, rental fees, and all that.


eBay is one of the websites that makes it possible for people to gain some cash from their art. You just have to create a piece of art, open an eBay account where you can create a listing for your work, and then, wait for a bidder or a buyer who’ll be willing to pay for your painting or drawing. To successfully make money from art in the aforesaid site, remember to upload clear pictures of your masterpiece, write a good description, and see to it that you place your art for sale in the right category: ‘Art’.

Image Kind

Another website where you can sell your drawings is Image Kind. The works you submit to this site will be used for stationery designs, thus, your creations have the chance of getting sold more easily through this web site. You can really draw and earn no matter what your specialty is e.g. anime, animals, landscapes, and so forth, as stationeries can be designed in countless ways.

Approvals are also quick in Image Kind so you can make money from art more quickly. Artists can choose to place price tags of their own or follow the prices set by the site. There’s a free membership for those who are offering art for sale on this website, as well as a paid membership. It’s best you check out the site and learn more about FAQs, paid and free member ships, etc, before signing up.

Freelancing Websites

You can also sell your drawings in freelancing sites like People Per Hour, Odesk, and the like. These kinds of web sites enable you to draw and earn because they have many clients who are looking for artists, painters, graphic designers, and so on, who can design or come up with artworks for book covers, illustrations, company logos, among others.

Because of the Internet, people can now make money from art more conveniently, more easily, and more lucratively.


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Karen Winton loves viewing artworks. If you the passion for drawing and painting and you desire to profit from that passion, view: Get Paid To Draw. To make money from photographs, read: MyCameraBiz.

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