Make Money Online – Exposing 5 Ways to Make More Money in Your Free Time

Make Money Online – Exposing 5 Ways to Make More Money in Your Free Time

By Brendan Brosnan

Many people wish to make more money. That’s a reasonable wish. Why not? Most people work full time jobs, so it’s a question of finding free time to use in order to make more money. Even part time workers or unemployed people could find some solace in the knowledge that more time can be found and more efficiently utilized.

There are five things you could do to make more free time and use that free time to make more money:

1: Wake Up Early

The first and most powerful way of making more time is waking up early. This could create an extra 2 or 3 hours a day for you. It’s a fact that the brain is at its freshest after sleep, and most able to solve problems. There’s lots of information on the web nowadays about waking up early.

2: Take Action

Taking action is the second thing to mention. It is imperative to take action. When a person has things to do, or issues unresolved, they begin to pile up. It can seem like a heavy load. However, if a person takes actions to resolve the issues, they begin to quickly disintegrate. People must be consistent with this, and it will yield great rewards.

3: Plan

Planning is an important part of time management, and productivity will be dependent on this. A person may be able to successfully wake up every morning at 6am but may not have the proper planning done for the morning. Then, after realizing the lack of objectives, the person goes back to bed again, and is unable to use the fantastic productive hours of the morning. Plans can be very helpful indeed. The whole day could be planned out and important events scheduled, projects sketched in, and all necessary business to be attended. Planning will give great direction to a person’s daily life.

4: Self Discipline

Number four is a step to be taken, if a person is ultra serious about really saving time and making money. Don’t stay out after 12 at night at the weekend. Obviously there is going to be a few big nights in the year for everybody, but late nights mean very late mornings. Very late mornings mean very unproductive days. It’s true that the hours in bed before 12 are many times more powerful than the hours in bed after 12.

5: Keep a Journal

The last thing I would like to mention is journaling. It’s a commonly cited means of self improvement. It allows a person to keep track of feelings, events, and everything that happened. It’s usually good to use it after a day’s work and write down all the issues of the day, the victories, and the defeats. This will help a person’s search for more free time because it will help identify bad practices, and identify efficient practices.

These 5 ways of making use of the valuable time we all have could make the difference between making big money online and making average money online. The following quote is a real eye opener:

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste” – Henry Ford

About the Author: Brendan Brosnan is a home business expert currently working in Seoul, South Korea. If you found this article interesting, and you want to receive a free home business e-course to learn some priceless skills, visit here now:


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