Make money online myth you cannot make money online

Make money online

Is it a myth you cannot make money online?It depends.Some people and online businesses really make money online,make money on the internet.
What about individuals,bloggers?
If we set a limit on how much money you can make online and this limit is too high then yes it is tough to make money and earn lets say a million dollars very soon.Ok what about 100,000 USD or 10,000 USD?As numbers get smaller any online business can start making money.
So the myth you cannot make money online is false if we place time and a realistic amount of money under scrutiny.
Lets be real,it is not easy to make money online,but how much money you can earn,real cash,internet income,internet money is another story.And yes a billion dollars of money sounds out of logical!So sorry get rich quick,very quick is an utopia.

Online money in logical levels is not.

Make money on the web

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