Make money online with Auto Blog Blueprint

Make money online blogging

Maybe a top make money online fast idea,make money with auto blogging.
This is a crazy question? The important thing here is will Google “Let” you Auto Blog??

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First things first, Google doesn’t have a say so in this. If you build a Blog, does it matter if it operates on Auto? Content is what matters right?

So if we build blogs that are Value Added and run on Autopilot are we still Auto Blogging? No, we are Blogging on Auto. In 2011, you have to Blog on Autopilot instead of Auto Blogging. Why? Because if you do want your sites to Rank in Google, then you have ot learn how to work with Google.
But let’s be realistic? There are a lot of people who tell you they know how to do this, but few who really can. Right?

So who do we listen to?

How to make money blogging

We listen to those who do, rather than those who say they do?
I have been reading a lot lately about how Google is cracking down on Spam site and Junk blogs. Crushing them so they can’t even use their sites anymore.
Am I wasting my time creating Auto Blogs?

Is Auto Blogging Dead?

These are the questions I asked myself before I jumped into his latest version of the Auto Blog Blueprint. The Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0.

Mike has gone and taken this thing to the next level, as he likes to say in his Sales Copy. But the fact of the matter is, this is true. What I found when going through Mike’s Course was that this was the most well thought out and comprehensive collection of Step by Step information on how to build Auto Blogs anywhere.

The litteral hand holding to get me through the process was incredible and when Mike said my Blog’s would be indexed in just a couple of hours, I laughed. That was until it happened! I mean, from picking my niches, domains, and hosting; I went to building sites and making money in no time.

Don’t kid yourself though. Mike is not teaching you how to create junk or spam sites. He makes sure of that. We are creating only “Value Added” sites as he calls them. Sites of which we are building to Blog on Auto, not Auto Blog. Picking and choosing content so that our sites only provide value and keep on profiting long after we create them.

Plus, what I have found is that by using Mike’s Optimization Techniques, not only am I building sites that provide value and get indexed fast, but my site’s are running super fast and load times are incredible! He has really optimized everything.

Oh, and did I mention the best part?

You get Mike’s Blog Optimized Course for Free as well. Now you can Optimize Everything. SEO, Your Site, Your Content, and More! This is hands down one of the best offerings I have seen in a long time. If you don’t own the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 yet, you should.

Go get it now!

Making money online blogging the easy way

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So how to earn money,make money with a blog,make money from home?Use auto blogging for online money.

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