Make Money OnLine With Social Marketing- You Can Really Make Money by Chatting!

Make Money OnLine With Social Marketing- You Can Really Make Money by Chatting!

By Jon Jay

There are lots of people spending lots of time chatting online. You can turn all this chatter into Cash. Teenagers sit at the movies texting and checking in with their buddies on Facebook. For the over thirty crowd this may seem a little extreme but the trend isn’t slowing down. All this chatter can create a steady stream of traffic for you.

If you have a website that you would like to create traffic for or a product that you are selling online then social marketing can be gold mine and a corner stone of your marketing strategy. It is particularly effective for those of you who enjoy chatting on line and connecting with lots of people. If this is natural for you then you will enjoy marketing with chatter. Your hours in the chat room will no longer be a waist of time but an opportunity to promote your product.

Here are some Quick Tips

Send Out Notices to Your Mailing List regrading Special Deals

This is old news. Everybody uses their mailing list to create traffic. The problem is that everyone including me is tired of getting junk in their mail box. You must learn to use this tool effectively. Only send out a blitz when you have something really great to offer. Also include something for free. People love free tips, free advice or free product offers. If your customers consistently open their mail and like what they get then they will keep opening it. If not you will soon be sent to the spam folder.

Subscribe to Chat Rooms and Forums that are related to Your Product or Web Site

If you are marketing dog toys then you need to be chatting with the dog lovers. The more you can socialize in these groups, the more you are going to build your customer base. Join as many groups as you can and chat regularly.

Start your own Blog or Join One

There are lots of Blog tools online. It is best to use a Blog area that already has traffic such as Google groups. Use Dog Blogs as a search term and you will find plenty of options to promote your doggy widgets.

Take a Sincere Interest in People Online

If you don’t like people then social networking isn’t for you. Don’t join a chat or start a blog just to sell. Be sincere and offer real tips and answer real questions. People will be impressed by your sincerity and be ready to accept a product offer from you.

Have your Link Ready

When the topic comes up that relates to your product or service then write a reply and include your link. Offer more tips, information or video that is available at that link. Forum readers will be interested in what you have to say and follow your link.

Don’t Spam the Discussion

There are lots of marketers who will send the same marketing message over and over to a group without being involved in the conversation. This is very poor social etiquette and will irritate people. You will not effectively get traffic. Even if you do it is not the right thing to do. People attend these social groups to socialize not be sold to.

Follow these tips and you will start getting quality traffic for your product or website.

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