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Make Money Online With This Unique Informational Website

By: Jason Bacot

When a person creates their first website, they do not know the amount of information to include on the site. There are many wonderful things to include on the website and I will provide that information for the beginners to help them create the best possible make money online website.

The information on the website should be directed to your potential customers and clients in an easy accessible page layout. Use links to attract the user to the places you want them to go for more information or to purchase the items you are selling. Links are a great way to gain exposure through a website, so use them to create a user-friendly experience on the webpage.

Use “A Call To Action” page that directs the site visitor to the real reason of the webpage. Create a page that will ask for the person’s email address so you can keep in contact with them even if it’s to send a “thank you for visiting” email. Obtaining a potential customer’s information also grants permission to contact them at a later date.

When using site directives on the webpages, keep them all in a general location. This will make the clicking of information easier for the visitor. Some sites will use different locations for the site directives and this creates a messy looking page and possible confusion for the people visiting the site. Use a narrative structure for the site links. Keep it all simple.

Track the visitors to the website. There are tools that will allow you to keep track of the visitors. Google Analytics helps to track site visitors. There are valuable features available to know, if a person looks thoroughly at the site or just bounces around through the site. If people are not staying on the site, there is a good chance the site is not attractive or user-friendly.

Having the information of the site visitors will help to create a better website.

Do not overwhelm the visitors with the flashiest site you can possibly build. Some of the most successful websites are planned out simple and some really look terrible. It’s the content of the site and not the “flash” that attracts people, in some cases. If you have to have something flashy, place it only on the front page of the website.

Keep the text to a minimal. Many site users only read the first few lines on the webpage. Do not kill the webpages with a huge amount of text content. Too much text will chase away prospective customers.

Avoid using slang or jargon. Completely refrain from cussing or using swear words. Avoid being offensive since the site is viewable by the world. Using the vocabulary acceptable in one place may not be acceptable in another. This also goes for sharing your personal views on different issues. Avoid being negative completely.

Customer service is always the #1 thing for every business. Even if you are not able to help the customer who has contacted you via email, be courteous and let them know you cannot help them. They will appreciate your response and mostly likely will return to your site because you treated them with respect.

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