Make Money Taking Surveys Online

Make Money Taking Surveys Online

Make Money Taking Surveys Online

Author: biz1301

I went on this quest awhile ago and decided to share my thoughts for anyone considering trying to take surveys for money.

There are a few pitfalls that I found in my search to make money online taking surveys. I hope that sharing some of what I found will help provide more information on your quest to make money online.

One pitfall I found is that there are many compilation sites that will try to charge you a monthly fee saying that it is because they are constantly updating, etc. A compilation site will provide you one site with hundreds of paid survey sites to sign up on in one location. While there are many compilation sites that will charge you a monthly fee, there are also many sites that will only charge you one small fee or no fee. Even the sites that have a one time fee or even free have a lot of websites listed. I used a one time fee compilation site and found that there was a very good collection of surveys sites as well as paid to shop, paid to drive, etc. Keep in mind that a survey site that pays you to take surveys should not charge to join the site.

Another pitfall is that you have to join a ton of sites to see any good return. From the paid compilation site, I joined dozens and dozens of sites. I found that once you discovered a few of the free to join paid survey sites, many of them provide links of other paid survey sites to join.
be certain that you complete all of the questionnare surveys and profiles on the survey sites. This is how you get surveys that you are more likely to qualify to get paid for taking the survey.

A suggestion given on a couple sites was to setup an email account just for all th survey email invitations you will receive. And you will get many, many emails. A separate email account helps keep them separated from the personal emails you would want to be able to find.
There were some days that I received 25 or more emails. Also, having a separate email account just for survey sites allowed me to sift through the surveys available to take that day quicker.

Honestly, I found that I did not have the time to take all of the surveys I received. And the ones I did take I rarely qualified for the money. It definitely does take time to take all earn money taking surveys.

If you are interested in reading more about how to earn money taking surveys, take a look here.

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