Making Money From Home – Learn the 4 Easy Ways to Use the Computer to Make Money

Making Money From Home – Learn the 4 Easy Ways to Use the Computer to Make Money

By Alan Lim

When you are making money from home, you avoid a lot of the stresses that come with commuting to a corporate job. Why not check out ways to use the computer in your work from home business?

The growth in the usage of computers has been matched by the growth in the number of opportunities for making money from home by using the computer. The internet has expanded market size and complexity so that a product or service that was not previously profitable can be sold profitably on the internet. In addition, there are other ways to earn an income from your home by using the computer such as completing surveys, participating in online marketing campaigns and freelance projects. Here are a few suggestions that may help you determine if working at home is a viable option for you.


Some individuals are able to start making money from home with a minimal amount of expenditure by signing up to complete surveys. The work is available through businesses, listing sites, or sometimes from other sources such as those provided by research facilities linked to medical institutions or educational institutions. These buyers pay for the services of individuals who are willing to answer questions about their experiences with a specific product or activity. Surveys typically take only a few minutes to complete and pay anywhere from $5 to $25 and up for the responses. Payment is made in cash, coupons, merchandise or points that can be redeemed for merchandise.

Freelance Work

Bidding for freelance work is another way of making money from home. You can easily pick the type of work that you want to do and define the amount of work and the amount that you will accept in payment before agreeing to do the work. In fact, you need fairly specific project guidelines so that you will know what type of payment amount to bid on the project. You can choose such freelance projects as computer programming, writing and editing site, blog, or forum management and even game site supervision.

Pay Per Click Programs

Pay per click programs allow you to be making money from home even if you don’t have your own web site. You just write original and captivating copy for ad placement that directs visitors to a site that pays you money each time the link in the ad is clicked. Google’s AdSense is perhaps the best example of pay per click programs. Even a few clicks on a well placed ad will bring in small but steady income to the person placing the ad. Hopefully, the ad will also bring significant revenue to the business to which it is linked.

Online Marketing

Online marketing of your product or that of another person or business is another way to be making money from home. The marketplace on the internet is absolutely global in nature and you can be taking advantage of it directly by marketing your product. Even if you are in a small rural community, your marketplace can be world wide and sales for your product will skyrocket. Using the computer to set up your business web site can be done easily by you as a business owner and you can be gaining income in a matter of hours.

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