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What is kindle? The Kindle is an e-book builder and reader developed by subsidiary Lab126 which uses wireless connectivity to enable
users to shop for, download, browse, and building e-books and read e-books
,newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other digital media.The Kindle hardware
devices use an E Ink electronic paper display that shows up to 16 shades
of gray, minimizes power use and simulates reading on paper.It come out
with manual and easy to use it.

Not having kindle yet? get its here

It’s doesnt require any money, It’s doesnt require any website even or blog
or any else include PC as long you have kindle, internet sure you can do
this. Now everyone can writing and let’s go to more detail why we should
choose to write e-books? E-books business writing are different from any
of thousands other business in site.It will make your product become unique
and your product information will only available from you and because of
this reason they are easier to market.No need to worried about shipping cost
or returns due damaged or lost deliveries.E-books are electronic data no
need storage or maintainance just simply upload your e-books to webspace
and allow customers to download it and its totally make your delivery cost
is zero!

There easier method to make money online, Writing and publishing your ebook
for Amazon Kindle .Basically you can write a book at any topic,sitting at at
any place with your kindle,sign up for free account at Amazon as publisher
and there have tools to convert what ever format you wrote that into KIndle
format and loaded the system you put up title and description all this thing
and basiccally sign up to amazon kindle user.

Not having kindle yet? get its here

You could do book favourite recipes and anything you want to do.Here are
some of the hot topics online that most people are willing to pay you for
providing them with this kind of information car,Blogging,Child Care,Computer
,Pets,Internet Marketing,Dating and etc.

Publishing your ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle Store and get your profit.In amazon
you will got 10-70% for sale so preety good right? examples if you put your
e-books price at $10 you can get up up to $7 persalethen could you imagine how
much you can earn in single day? It’s unlimited! What You Waiting For? Publish
Your Own Ebook On Amazon Ans Start Generating Sale NOW!! It is profitable you
no need get headache or worry about traffic and how to market it.Amazon will
promote them, you have to publish once and able to sell automatically everywhere
on Blackberry, kindle,ipad,iphone,PC and others.It is free and you can get up
to 70% royalty.

Not having kindle yet? get its here

Below there are some tips On How GETTING STARTED,Self-Publish Your Ebooks On
Amazon’s Kindle Store.

The first step towards publishing your ebooks after you have written them is
formatting the e-books using Microsoft Word. Here the simple things that you
should keep in mind:

1.Since Kindle ebooks can be viewed in different font sizes by readers, the
Page Numbers,Font Sizes and Margins you set using MS Word do not apply.

2.Remember to insert a page break after the Title Page, Copyright Page, Table
Of Contents and End Of Each Chapter, i.e., all of them should start at a new

3.The Title page should be centered on the top followed by the author name.

4.This should be accompanied by Copyright Page (if required) and a Table Of
Contents page.

5.The Title of each Chapter should be centered. You can use indentations, bold
characters,italics and headings to format the ebook. However avoid using bullet
points, special fonts, headers, and footers.

6.Avoid using to many images. When inserting images (JPEG or .jpg) use the ‘Insert’
(Insert > Picture >) function in MS Word. Don’t use the copy paste function. Images
should also be centered.

7.Lastly make sure you save the file in .doc format and not DOCX (.docx) format or
RTF (.rtf).


Once you’re satisfied with the quality and presentation of your book, upload the
PRC file to KDP.Your book will appear for sale on the Kindle Store approximately
24 hours after clicking “Save and Publish.” Within 48 to 72 hours, all other book
features should be available on the detail page, such as the product description
and links to related physical editions.( For more info get it from your kindle
help tools)

Not having kindle yet? get its here

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