Monetize Your Site Using 3 Clever Methods

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Monetize Your Site Using 3 Clever Methods

By: willson

At this point, there are so many resources online that you can easily and inexpensively build your own website. Starting a web business from absolute scratch is done all the time, and if you’re new at it then you will want to plan carefully. There are a number of different monetization methods that you can use to make your website profitable but choosing the right one is important. The kind of method you go for depends on the type of website you have. Just a few, out of many, examples for monetizing are contextual ads versus banner ads, and what you choose depends on certain factors. In order to make the best choice, it’s really pretty important to know what is available and how they work. The balance of this article will show you some of the basic principles and uses for monetization methods proven to work for a long time.

Having text link ads on your website is an effective monetization method that has gained popularity. Many webmasters use text links to earn money from their site. These kinds of ad links obviously are a part of your content text, so they very easily integrate with your site and don’t cause any issues with added clutter. If you sell them directly, you’ll have to do your own advertising, etc; on the other hand a company like, Text Link Ads, exists to take care of it for businesses who do not want to be bothered with it. Using smart Search Engine Ranking tactics can certainly a person to positively rank for just about anything, generic search phrases like martial arts or more specific items like Votive Candles. Another easier monetization method consists of in-line, or in-text, ads that originate from a company like Kontera. No need to be concerned about causing any confusion with your other links because links, from Kontera for example, are underscored twice. When your visitor rolls the mouse over this link, they’ll see a small add pop up. If you’ve ever used Google Adsense, then the monetization works the same way.

Direct banner advertising is another form of monetization method, which is highly lucrative. Any website, especially if it gets a lot of traffic, is a potentially desirable spot for someone to advertise. When you do this, you can bypass the networks like Google AdSense, set your own prices and keep all the profits. The only limitation of direct banner advertising is that, if you want to sell space to advertisers, your site must be getting a large amount of traffic. And, unlike a system like AdSense, where everything is handled for you, in this case it’s up to you to sell and manage the ads.

These monetization methods have worked very well for millions of peope, so they’re worth your time to investigate more fully. All of this is great, but if you are not well prepared for whatever it is you’re doing, then you will likely run into some difficulties. The more effort you put into doing the groundwork, the higher will be the chances of your success. One thing you should know is to avoid having too much on your site because that will turn off your readers.

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