Open Question: Need to make money and I’m 12?


Hi Im 13 in June and I really want to go on holiday this year like really badly. I found an all-inclusive holiday and for my family it will be £2300. My mum was looking at cruises a couple of months ago. They were about £3000 but now my mum is saying that I can't go on holiday? I understand it is a lot of money but we usually go on holiday every other year and this year it is holiday year. Anyway so I really want to go so I thought it might help if I paid for some of the cost maybe £500-£1000. But how am I going to get that kinda money at my age by 21st of June? Please help! 🙂 thank you x Oh yeah forgot to say please don't say stuff that means I end up taking money from my parents cos otherwise there is no point. Thanks again x


Make money online or make money at this age seems very unlikely.Sorry to dissapoint you this is the truth.If all could make money easy we would be full of millionaires and no financial crisis.

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