Selling Online Advertising And Making Money

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Selling Online Advertising And Making Money by Liz Nicholas

Apart from selling a product or service on your website or blog to make money, you may also choose to sell online advertising too. Making money through online advertising (or online ad spaces) can be profitable too, if you know how to do it right.

To sell advertising, you will need to have some consistent targeted traffic at your site or blog. Online advertisers will pay to advertise on your site/blog, if it looks like it has the potential to provide them with the right type of traffic, and the only way to ensure this much more effectively, is to build your site/blog around a specific niche and targets. How targeted the traffic you drive to advertisers’ sites is, will determined the end results they get, targeted traffic is more likely to perform the specific actions (buying a product, subscribing to a list etc), an advertiser may want on his/her site, than untargeted traffic.

To build the traffic at your own site/blog, you will need to regularly drive some targeted traffic to your site/blog and retain them. You can drive targeted traffic to your site/blog by doing your promotions on ad media you know, you are likely to find your targeted audience. And you can retain the traffic at your site/blog by consistently providing some unique and valuable content, on your site/blog too. You may also use an autoresponder with a newsletter as an opt-in list, to encourage your web visitors, to give you their email addresses, so you can regularly keep in touch with them and make them come back to your site/blog too.

While building up your web traffic, you may join some advertising networks like Google Adsense, so you can provide yourself with some way to make money through advertising too, before you start selling ad spaces directly. You may use the ads from these networks to test the conversion rate of your site/blog. You should ideally join more than one ad network, to avoid relying solely on just a single site/network, this may also provide you with more options for testing too.

Advertisers generally pay for advertising on a cost per mille/impression (CPM), cost per click (CPC) or cost per lead (CPL) basis, these are usually referred to too as the pay per mille (PPM), pay per click (PPC) or pay per lead (PPL) advertising models. When you are ready to sell advertising directly on your own site/blog, you may want to start with CPM advertising, which is usually priced based on, one thousand views or impressions.

You will need some software to keep track of the ads, you may sell directly on your site/blog, and any traffic you send over to advertisers’ sites. You can get some free or paid advertising tracking software, on the internet. You will need to review different types of tracking software, to know what may meet your needs, adequately.

To get some good results with selling ad spaces on your site/blog directly, advertisers must be able to get the kind of results they want, this is what will make them come back for more, and it is what will make them refer others to you too. Making money through advertising is simple enough; get enough targeted traffic on your site/blog, retain them, then sell advertising, if you consistently do this over time, you will definitely reap a lot of rewards, by simply following these uncomplicated steps.

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