Still not using Web Analytics? You are losing money

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Still not using Web Analytics? You are losing money by Wendy vanDijk

Not Using Web Analytics Will End Your Business Soon

Nowadays so many people do business on Internet. Online business has been very profitable, sometime more than the traditional way of doing business. Many people have started websites to sell products online.

For those who are new in the internet marketing, starting a new online business seems complex and very tiring. Most new internet marketers would think that an online business needs a lot of web traffic. They focus too much on the number of hits it has per day or the Search Engine Results ranking.

It’s more than increasing web traffic

Although increasing traffic is important, it is not enough to keep a business alive purchases are made by your visitors. Getting traffic is just halfway through. It is more important to targeted traffic with great number of people buying from you.

Most online business owner tend to focus only on having more visitors to the site. What online stores also should focus is finding out what percentage of those visitors are buying the products. And why the other visitors are not buying This is where web analytics comes in handy.

Make more money using Web Analytics

As many online business owners know, it is only natural to pay for ads on another website to get more attention to the product, but it is a sad fact that many internet users just click to see the advertisement. This process does nothing that benefits the online business owner since no purchasing and any other transactions happen. This is particularly why an online business owner should have a web analytics program to monitor well not just the visits it gets from the links with other sites, but also those visits that result in a purchase of the products.

This is convenient for the business owner since those sites that do not really generate income can be identified and improved. Web analytics enables the online business owner to identify the strong points of the product’s advertisements. It also enables the identifying of the weak points in which the owner can decide to improve it to be more profitable or to get rid of it. Web analytics can help an online business owner to see weak links and get rid of them if possible.

Web Analytics Increases Web Traffic and Web Conversion

It is already considered a standard operating procedure for online business owners to get as much advertisements as possible to let people know about the existence of the products being sold. It should also be as important to have web analytics to properly monitor and measure the traffic and visits the online store gets.

The online business owner can get a very good estimate of the sites that are productive by seeing the behaviors of visitors. From stumbling upon the site, to even purchasing the products being sold. Web Analytics should be chosen carefully and the online business owner should only choose the web analytics programs that correspond with the goals the owner has set for it.

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