The True Five Ways To Make Money Online

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The True Five Ways To Make Money Online

By: Jason Bacot

We all know that it’s possible to make money online. Your mail box is probably full of e-mails telling you how you can do it too. This article takes a brief look at 5 of the main ways people make money online. Perhaps one of them is suited to you.

There is one thing that is certain, no matter what you may have been told. All of them take some work! A business is a business and you need to learn that business and work at it for it to work for you.

Selling Other People’s Products

This is known as affiliate marketing. The concept is simple. Someone produces a product; this may be an e-book, a course, or a site that requires a monthly fee. The affiliate then works to sell that product and gets a commission for each sale they make.

The ways people go about selling their products are numerous, but essentially is comes down to getting traffic. The more people who see what you have to offer, the more sales you are likely to make. Choosing which products to sell, and knowing how to market them ultimately determines how successful you can be.

Selling Your Own Products

This is essentially the flip side of affiliate marketing. You produce a product, an e-book, a self-help course, a paying site and then get people to buy it, or get others to sell it for you and pay them a percentage. To succeed in this you need to be confident that the product you produce is a good quality one that people are actually going to want.

One really positive side to this is that your product may keep producing money for you for years after you have produced it! Other people are selling it for you while you go on to produce more products.

Selling Your Services and Skills

This is the world of freelancing. Busy marketers know what they need to keep their business growing for them. They may not have the skills or the time to do this work for themselves, and that is where the freelancer comes in.

If you have skills in web designing, graphic art, photography, or writing, people are prepared to pay for your time and skills. This can involve a lot of hard work, and can be a little difficult to break into but many people have found a lucrative career in online freelancing.

Making your own E-Commerce Store

This may be selling your own products or someone else’s. The difference between an e-commerce store and the previous, selling your own product method, is that with an e-commerce store you are usually selling a physical product.

These are products people buy online and have delivered to them. Once your store is set up you then work to get traffic to your site and make sales. Some people who set up successful stores then go on to sell that site for a tidy profit (known as flipping).

Selling on eBay

Some people have found this a lucrative way of making money online. Not just on eBay but on other auction sites, and through Squidoo or similar methods. Essentially with this method, you buy (or possibly make) products and then sell them for a higher price than you paid, so making a profit.

All and any of these methods are proven ways to make money online. If you do a Google search, there’s a wealth of information on how to get started and grow your business with any of these methods. Why not have a go at it?

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