Three Ways To Make Money Writing Articles Online

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Three Ways To Make Money Writing Articles Online
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Welcome to another of my make money series articles. This is the writing articles edition. Do you want to make money online? Are you a article writer? Let me show you 3 ways you merge article writing with the internet. This powerful combination between articles creation and the internet offers the opportunity to make money on the internet.

Here are the three steps to generating cash online writing articles. Number one is outsourcing articles. If you are a proficient article writer and you have the ability to write compelling articles the internet offers you a chance to earn income online with articles. There are people all over the internet who would love to pay for unique articles with compelling content. Elance is a terrific website which allows for individuals to outsource jobs online. Visit there and get set up to earn money writing unique articles.

Step number two to make cash writing articles is simple enough. Create a free blog on wordpress. Pick a niche that you are writing articles about. Say you are writing articles about dogs. Design your blog around posts about dogs. You can make money writing niche content articles on your blogs when you add enable adsense ads on your WordPress Blogs. Another way to make money with niche articles is to add banners from a affiliate program on your blogs.

Step number three to make money with articles is the most powerful of all. If you can write unique articles and mass submit them to the article directories you generate huge backlinks to your sites. Traffic can be huge if one of your money making articles go viral! Here is the way to really generate income writing unique content articles. Put affiliate links in your articles or resource box and watch your commissions soar. Many people are earning great money online writing article reviews. Clickbank alone has thousands of affiliate products to review. Imagine the potential income you can generate with your affiliate links inserted inside your articles.

So here is the conclusion to my 3 ways to make money online writing articles. Thee are many different ways to make money online but I prefer article marketing. This marketing strategy is simple and can be explosive! Many people have learned a big secret about making money writing articles. They use automation article submission services. These article submitters can save you time and the results can be amazing. The Unique Article Wizard for example submits your articles to thousands of article,directories, blogs and websites. The best part about the Unique Article Wizard is they submit unique content articles. I highly recommend UAW.

Todd Schuyler is a article marketer. He hasmanyonline marketing websites. He has also writtenmanyhundred articles online. He knows internet marketing and article marketing. He is a ezines expert author. Recently Todd was runner up in the Unique Article Wizard ViralContest. Want To Earn Big Money Writing Articles Click Here to see how powerful the Unique Article Wizard is! Visit too.

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