What Comes Before You Make Money Online?

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What Comes Before You Make Money Online?

By: Dwayne Phelps

Thoughts are very Powerful things and they come before you make money online… Mixed with Purpose, persistence, and a burning desire you can turn them into whatever you want to be true.
Most people discover the power of thought little by little, starting out with a burning desire of whatever it is they wish to attain, like making money online with your business opportunity or dating the girl of your dreams… Most people supress this burning desires..by making excuses of… Lack of time, no skills, no money, no resources or help…Just plain excuses. That’s why so many people out there who are trying to make money online with business opportunities give this industry such a bad name. I can speak for myself when I first started out in online marketing, I was so focused on making it, that my desire had taken over me and I didn’t think rationally about anything anymore… I was willing to put everything I had on the line to make it in my ventures to make money online…
I don’t think anybody with this type of burning desire will forever be denied of what he really wants… In the book Think and Grow Rich there is a quote saying, “When one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance.” That means you keep at it until you get what you were seeking…whatever it is! You don’t say to yourself, “Ah, whats the use I have no money to invest, no skills,no time, or my wife doesn’t support me… BS! What you have to say to yourself is “I studied this and Im commited to making it work no matter what, no matter how long it takes!” Its called adopting a “Definate Purpose for your life” and keeping by it no matter how bad your day is until it becomes an obsession that consumes you. Then your tested. If you make it this far… True Success will appears in a different form, that you will never expect. It’s a trick that opportunity will play on you to see if your really ready for real success… It’s usually in the form of misfortune or defeat…but its only temporary and it gets almost every online entrepreneur out there. Because they just cant recognize it as something they just have to face in their destination to true success. A good example would be, if you trying to make money online, is Google shutting down all your ads because you didn’t follow what they wanted. And for months before that you were having fast success… What you do after that dissapointment is what determines true success. If I look back to when I was desiring to make money online, with all the failures… What all that struggle was actually worth to me cash-wise today? It was worth everything and millions over my lifetime… My most precious pay days were the thoughts that I acquired during that time…PEROID!
Nothing was more of an asset I attained… Which is the knowing that any impulse or thought can be turned into a physical reality by the application of proven success principles.
But it starts with the thoughts! You can literally think yourself into success and making money online fast! Don’t get me wrong, implementing is key but…if your thoughts are right you’ll implement! And you can do literally anything… very fast! I had nothing when I started, no budget to invest, no mentors, no internet knowledge… All I had was my thoughts of what I wanted, and determination to stand behind it until it became a reality for me. The money came second! Not first… With my thoughts working for me I retired at the age of 25, and when I look back, it wasnt at all that big of a deal…I literally just kept myself on the right paths with my thoughts on a daily basis and didnt make excuses, till I couldn’t be denied any longer.

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About Author:
Dwayne Phelps is a Internet Marketer who Retired at the age of 25 from his job. He has shown thousands of people how to make money online…You can check out more powerful lessons like this one at: http://DwaynePhelps.net

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