Why make money blogging relies on seo

Make money with seo and blogging

So you want to make money blogging,make money having a blog.It is ok but do you know how to make money blogging?
Or is blogging another business idea that will not provide any cash or income?
Just waste time and energy?
The key to make money blogging is to use seo.With seo you can have many benefits.You can have more traffic,more sales, more visibility.
So while you want to make money blogging consider the following things.

  1. Decide if you are an amateur bloger or a professional one
  2. Get a topic and a theme
  3. Make a budget
  4. Get free information
  5. Ask questions
  6. Have goals for business and marketing

Seo is a make money business

With seo in your blogging business you will target the keywords you like,the business you like, the marketing you want to deal with.
Seo is a business and marketing tool for any blog.
If you want to have a blog and make money with it use seo.The good thing is that there is too many free information on how to use seo for blogging.So at first you do not have to spend money to earn money.
Start a research on main search engines for seo and how to optimize your content.
Treat your blog like a real business,online business,internet business.
Then gather information on marketing,internet marketing.
And finally decide the topic you will focus on.Then the content generation follows.But if you have an idea about what you will blog about then optimizing your content is easy.
Do not worry first about being number one in main search engines for hot keywords.It takes time to be there and earn money blogging.
Take action now and start a online business based on a blog.

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