Why You’re Struggling to Make Money with Your Passion

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Why You’re Struggling to Make Money with Your Passion

By: Andy Grant

Countless spiritual gurus and law of attraction teachers are talking about “passion and purpose” these days. But why then, do we see so few people actually getting paid for work that combines their passion and purpose? In many cases, the culprit lies in the hidden limiting beliefs that a person holds in their subconscious mind.

1. Limiting Beliefs about Work

Unfortunately, many people are harboring hidden limiting beliefs that are not allowing them to live congruently with their passion and purpose. For example, beliefs such as “you have to work hard to get ahead” do not allow a person to get ahead simply by doing something they love. Likewise, that same belief can keep someone stuck in their uninspiring job, simply because they’ve worked hard to get that far, and fear they would lose a lot of ground if they were to change gears career-wise.

2. Limiting Beliefs about Time

A number of limiting beliefs about time are widely held, such as “these things take time,” “patience is a virtue,” “there’s not enough hours in the day” and “slow and steady wins the race.” These age-old sayings have been hammered into many people’s subconscious minds (and often repeated aloud) throughout the years, and can severely hinder a person’s ability to produce overnight results, especially with regards to a new endeavor.

3. Limiting Beliefs about Money

The amount of commonly held limiting beliefs about money is truly staggering. Perhaps among the most common are “money doesn’t grow in trees,” “it takes money to make money,” and “easy come, easy go.” These debilitating beliefs can stymie a person’s progress toward making a lucrative living by following their passion.

4. Limiting Beliefs about Self

These beliefs would vary from person to person, but may include such roadblocks as “I’m not good enough,” “you can’t have it all,” or “I don’t deserve it.” Often, these are deep-seated beliefs that affect a great many aspects of a person’s life, but also impact their ability to launch a money-making opportunity that is aligned with their purpose.

With all these limiting beliefs holding you back, what is the solution? Today there are many methods for clearing limiting beliefs, methods you can conduct on your own or with assistance from a coach or spiritual healer. Additionally, it’s important to identify your ‘kingpin’ beliefs, because in shifting these, you can unlock a great many similar blocks, allowing for rapid breakthrough results.

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